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About Jackson Pottery


For 40 years, we have traveled the world to find the best-in-class pottery and planters for YOU. It’s a relentless effort; a passion. From our humble beginnings as a retail garden center in 1983, to now a preferred source for garden centers, landscape architects, and designers to find fashion-forward trends that please your clientele, creating return business for you each year.

Testing our products for you at our retail garden center gives us an unfair advantage over our competitors. We admit that, but we also like it. You will too. Receiving immediate feedback from retail customers provides us with the opportunity to discover trend-setting products that make you stand out in a crowded marketplace. This means more innovation focused on your success. In addition to pottery, our Jackson Cast Stone planters are small-batch manufactured and trusted by professionals in both high-end residential and commercial design. Integrated colors with 6000+ psi tested color fast material make it an excellent choice for any upcoming project.

We aim to become the preferred pottery and planter company in the United States, but it all starts with you. Our team is committed to your success and seeing you win every day. Bring bold, fresh innovations to the market for your own repeat customers by choosing Jackson Pottery.